FEAL: multifunctional Farming for the sustainability of European Agricultural Landscapes

National Multiplier Events: Germany

Inscription & Information: Dreer@hofundleben.de

Inscription & information: Dreer@hofundleben.de

Final Conference

Final Conference

The FEAL project aims at providing young farmers, young rural entrepreneurs and family farmers a training system about conceptualisation and implementation of sustainable/multifunctional farming practices linking the diverse interests of farmers and rural society within European agricultural landscapes - highlighting positive external effects on European agricultural landscapes of their genuine production. FEAL-intro
Project duration Start: 01.12.2016
  End:  31.05.2019

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Project Outputs

The project planning has been divided in two types of Work Packages (WPs): implementation WPs (related to intellectual outputs O1-O4) and transversal WPs (project management, monitoring and evaluation, dissemination and exploitation lasting during the whole life of the project).

FEAL State of the Art Report
A report about the State of the Art of the relation between multifunctional/sustainable farming practices and EAL.
Case studies
Case Studies show the best practices of multifunctional/sustainable farming over European countries in different landscape types and socio-economic situation.
FEAL complementary OER
Complementary Open Education Resources (OER) will provide interactive e-atlas of EAL and training modules.
Training System
A training system gathering the previous output in a digital format compatible with OER repositories and e-learning platforms. It guarantees a totally free access to a wide audience and especially to the project primary target group.